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Improved Physical Conditioning with the CVAC Process.

Good physical conditioning is a primary component of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  But too often our busy schedules do not allow the time for the proper exercise.  Our modern lives are filled with technologies to make our lives easier; however, these same technologies can limit physical activity.  

The CVAC process provides benefits of traditional aerobic and anaerobic exercise without the joint stress and physical exertion that can be associated with the activities.  

During your CVAC Session you will sit back and relax in the CVAC Pod.  Air is drawn out of the CVAC Pod, creating a low-pressure environment, and making the air thinner and cooler.  Fresh, filtered air is dynamically returned to the CVAC Pod; this varies the density of the air.  In a 20 minute CVAC Session, work and recovery occur in sequence.  The pressure changes provide a workout for the body's energy systems while the lymphatic system receives a "touch-less massage," allowing removal of waste products.

CVAC Sessions may help the following conditions:   Chronic Pain, Dercum's Disease, Fibromyalgia, Lipedema, Diabetes, Concussion, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lymphedema, Muscle Recovery, and General Fitness and Wellness.

CVAC Session Packages are Available.

Call us today to schedule your CVAC Session!   (703) 913-5705

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